Women's Council: Supporting the Women of LADWP

Board President McClain-Hill, in conjunction with staff and IBEW Local 18, LADWP officially established a Women’s Council in June 2021. The Council supports women in the LADWP workforce and provides resources for career advancement, mentorship and work-life balance.  As of February 2022, there are 2,523 women in LADWP's workforce of more than 11,395.

This effort stems from a very successful and well-attended Women’s Empowerment Panel held in March 2021, sponsored by IBEW Local 18 and LADWP, and a women’s survey conducted in the early summer.  

Mission Statement:
To support, elevate and advance women in the LADWP workforce by promoting opportunities for leadership, mentorship, recognition and work-life balance, while promoting equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Women are an integral part of our workforce. Commit to hiring more women in leadership positions and non-traditional jobs.
Offer opportunities to effect change that focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion.
Mentor / coach employees and promote opportunities for networking and career advancement.
Establish and engage in female focused recruitment efforts at high schools, community colleges, and community- based organizations.
Never forget work-life balance. Provide programs that support life’s challenges (childcare, eldercare, work schedule, to name to a few).  

Co-chaired by Board of Water and Power Commission President Cynthia McClain-Hill and Water and Power Employees’ Retirement Plan Board President LaTanya Bogin.

The establishing council members are:
Lilly Calvache, IBEW Local 18 Assistant Business Manager
Shawn McCloud, IBEW Local 18 Sr. Assistant Business Manager
Fabiola Moreno, Water System
Alicia Dickerson, Power System
Ericka Jaramillo, Joint System 

Anyone interested in signing up for the Council Committees can do so by emailing [email protected].

Email the Women's Council

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Watch the 2021 Women's Empowerment Panel

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