Projects & Initiatives

The Board of Water and Power Commissioners is committed to helping build a stronger Los Angeles through job creation, economic development, sustainability and equity.

Below are some of the major initiatives that  our Board members are leading. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Under the leadership of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Board President Cynthia McClain-Hill, the Board of Water and Power Commissioners, and General Manager and Chief Engineer Martin L. Adams, LADWP began the hard work of research, engagement, and documentation of the department’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) history, culture, and practices via the development of a Racial Equity Action Plan (REAP). Goals and recommendations were established for the Plan to ensure LADWP advances toward building an inclusive organization that employees, city officials, business leaders, community stakeholders, and residents can look upon with pride.  The REAP was release summer 2021.

In July 2021, General Manager Adams announced the appointment of Monique Earl was appointed LADWP's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. Read the news release here. 

Women's Council 

Board President McClain-Hill, in conjunction with staff and IBEW Local 18, is establishing a Women's Council in summer 2021, to help implement workplace solutions that matter that most to the women of LADWP.

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LA100 Equity Strategies

After three years of analysis by Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Los Angeles 100% Renewable Energy Study (LA100) is complete and confirms that a 100% renewable power system is achievable! 

“Through LA100, we now have several viable paths to achieve 100% renewable energy for Los Angeles while remaining true to the core principles of reliability, environmental stewardship, environmental justice, resiliency, and affordability,” said LA Board of Water and Power Commissioners President Cynthia McClain-Hill. “This is important because our charge is to reduce carbon emissions in ways that build and uplift the quality of life for everyone in Los Angeles. LA100 shows we can do that by creating jobs and opportunities and engaging our customers in being part of the solution, while building a stronger and more vibrant Los Angeles.”

The Board is committed to ensuring that undeserved communities are actively participating in the LA100 process.

Workforce Development

LADWP recognizes the importance of a strong workforce to continue the work to build a stronger Los Angeles. As a jobs creator and employer, LADWP maintains a workforce of 11,000 and promotes economic development in the region by providing secure, well-paying civil service jobs. LADWP is also committed to creating paths to secure employment especially for members of underserved communities, promoting STEM education that may lead to future employment at LADWP, while also investing in the leaders of the future.  

Outreach to Neighborhood Councils

LADWP is the only department in the City of Los Angeles with a formal Memorandum of Understanding with Neighborhood Councils committing to regular and ongoing communication about our programs and policies. This promotes transparency, accountability and collaboration with neighborhood councils. 

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